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9-12 November 2022

Thank you for visiting us at Dubai's Downtown Design 2022 - the commercial heart of Dubai Design Week and Middle East's leading fair for contemporary and high-quality design!

hvíla editions featured collectible design pieces by Berlin based Korean craft artist Setbyol Oh (oh-licht), Sculptor designer Steven Haulenbeek from Chicago and British arborist and artist Robert George.

Image courtesy Downtown Design

hvíla editions pop-up events

hvíla editions has no fixed location. New collections and exclusive collaborative editions are showcased through pop-up exhibitions in different locations.

hvíla editions at Dubai's Downtown Design 2022
(Dubai, November 2022)
ART OF LIVING design show curated by Architectural Digest Middle East
(Abu Dhabi, October 2022)
IVORY Pop-up show at Gallery Weekend Berlin and Berlin Design Week 2022
(Berlin, April/May, 2022)
Sebastian Herkner introduces the official launch of hvíla editions
(Berlin, September 2021)

Meet The Makers

Knowing an object’s story — who produced it, how, and with what materials — let us establish an emotional and physical relationship to the object and its culture. 
Please stay tuned, as we will add interviews with the makers, photos and short films that document the development and production process.


Setbyol Oh from oh-licht, Germany

Berlin based Korean artist Setbyol Oh creates lamps using fine wicker and mulberry paper. It is a traditional Korean paper named hanji which has been used for hundreds of years in Korea for doors, windows, wallpaper and to make lamps in traditional houses.

Meet the Makers

nojin, Germany

The minimalist brand consciously considers every step of the production process, prioritizing sustainability, transparency and longevity.

Meet The Makers

Steven Haulenbeek, USA

Haulenbeek’s work seeks to invent unique production methods through which objects emerge organically.

Meet The Makers


Together with women from Turkey, Syria, Pakistan and Lebanon, Ann-Kathrin Carstensen designs hand-crocheted, haute-couture jewelry and accessories.

Meet The Makers

hettler.tüllmann, Germany | USA

Focusing on furniture, accessory and interior design, hettler.tüllman’s work integrates sustainability, traditional craftsmanship, and a curiosity for sourcing new materials.

Traditional Craftsmanship meets Contemporary Design

We want traditional skills and knowledge to be preserved and put into valuable contexts.
With our selection, we hope to surprise people and show how traditions can be re-imagined
to create something new and unexpected.

About hvíla editions and Anita Hansen

With hvíla editions, Anita wants traditional skills and knowledge to be put into valuable contexts that encourage future generations to carry their cultural importance forward. The selected objects are meant to surprise people, and show how traditions can be re-imagined to create something new and unexpected in these contemporary times.