Riccardo Masini in his studio
Riccardo Masini in his studio, Rome, Italy
Portrait © Nicole Furlan

“The object is born with the Material.
Sometimes I let it tell its own story.
Sometimes it steps aside to let me speak.
When the material speaks, I remain silent.
Sometimes it is the conclusion, sometimes it is the instrument to reach a conclusion, sometimes it is both.
In our universe We work together, always.
The material changes me and I change the material.
We have a very deep connection.
Being together is a ritual, is silence, is emptiness, is everything.
I exist together with the material and the material exists with me.
Together we are.”

The object is the result of a close dialogue with the material and a deep relationship with the tree. This relationship was born in the Dolomites at the age of 4.

The collection of vases called "Impressions" has a strong link with nineteenth-century paintings and impressionism in particular. The idea is to reproduce those quick brush strokes on the surface of the object, similar to the technique that the Impressionists used to quickly capture a subject's essence on canvas.

The cracks, caused by rapid drying, are cleaned and highlighted. They are a metaphor for life; just as the tree, despite its cracks, does not lose its strength — the human being, despite his wounds, lives on and continues his journey. They are a symbol of fragility and strength at the same time. 

The vases "Impressions", a limited edition of 30, will be soon available online. They have been part of the IVORY pop-up exhibition during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2022.