Riccardo Masini in his studioRiccardo Masini in his studio, Rome, Italy
Portrait © Nicole Furlan

“The object is born with the Material.
Sometimes I let it tell its own story.
Sometimes it steps aside to let me speak.
When the material speaks, I remain silent.
Sometimes it is the conclusion, sometimes it is the instrument to reach a conclusion, sometimes it is both.
In our universe we work together, always.
The material changes me and I change the material.
We have a very deep connection.
Being together is a ritual, is silence, is emptiness, is everything.
I exist together with the material and the material exists with me.
Together we are.” — Riccardo Masini (translated from Italian)

Wood artist Riccardo Masini has a deep connection with the material, and trees. His collection of wooden vases "Impressioni" — a limited edition of 30 pieces — show the traces of a tree's life. The natural grain appears lightly through the hand-carved surface. Hundreds of tiny carvings form a second pattern which can be reminiscent of "quick brushstrokes of impressionist painting," as Masini describes it. Natural cracks, caused by rapid drying of the wood, are highlighted. They are a metaphor for life; a symbol of fragility and strength at the same time.

The vases "Impressioni" have been part of the IVORY pop-up exhibition during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2022. You can purchase Edition #01 and #02 of a limited edition of 30 pieces here.