Designer portrait Mariia PuliaievaMariia Puliaieva, Founder and Designer of MAPICO, Kyiv, Ukraine
Portrait © Igor Mikhaylovskiy

Mapico is a small young brand from Kyiv, founded by Ukrainian designer Mariia Puliaieva. The debut collection includes an armchair, pouf, carpets and pillows made of natural sheep wool. All textiles, including decorative furniture upholstery, are woven by hand in the mountainous region of the Ukraine — the Carpathians — using traditional technology on ancient looms. At the end of the technological process, the woven product is rinsed in a mountain river. All wooden parts are made of ashwood and covered with oil to preserve the natural color and texture. Collaborating with traditional artisans, such as the weaver Ruslana Goncharuk and carpenter Dmitro Dovzhenko, Mariia Puliaieva’s aim to give new life to traditional crafts.

Portrait of Weaver Ruslana Goncharuk from MAPICOWeaver: Ruslana Goncharuk
Portrait © Ivan Kravchyshyn

Dmytro Dovzhenko portraitCarpenter Dmytro Dovzhenko

The MAPICO armchair and pouf were part of the IVORY pop-up exhibition during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2022.

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