hvíla editions is a collectible design gallery featuring a curated collection of distinctive narrative objects that combine traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Beautifully crafted by artisans, artists and designers from around the world, the cherry-picked selection of works span a unique spectrum of design including home décor, kitchen accessories and furniture pieces, but also fashion items and jewelry, that are mostly offered in limited editions or produced on demand.

Short films, photos and interviews document the development and production process. The true love story behind each piece or collection will be told, expressing individual cultural narratives and displaying the mastery of their creators and their craft skills.

hvíla editions has no fixed location. New collections and exclusive collaborative editions will be showcased through pop-up exhibitions in different locations. The launch exhibition 'Tangible Beauties' took place during Berlin Art Week 2021. 


Anita Hansen, Founder of hvíla editions
Portrait © Alessandro Ghirelli

Anita Hansen has worked in the design industry for more than 16 years as a journalist and curator. She organized and realized 30 plus international exhibitions for Designboom. These Designboom Marts were presented in cities around the world — from New York to Tokyo, Seoul to Sydney, Stockholm to Copenhagen — offering emerging designers a platform to present their creative practices to the greater global design community, and facilitate their transition into a professional design career. After ten years working abroad she returned to Germany and brought her experience and expertise to Architonic in 2015 until she founded hvíla editions.

Throughout her career, Anita travelled to places all over the world engaging with established professionals and young, up-and-coming creatives in the fields of architecture, art, design, and technology. She has visited many facilities with long-standing experience in traditional production techniques, and also observed that many craft practices are on the brink of extinction. 

With hvíla editions, she wants traditional skills and knowledge to be preserved and put into valuable contexts that encourage future generations to carry their cultural importance forward. The objects that represent hvíla editions are meant to surprise people, and show how traditions can be re-imagined to create something new and unexpected in these contemporary times. 

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