Sebastian Herkner introduces the official launch of hvíla editions

Sebastian Herkner and Christian Haas with the Nebule Lamp by hettler.tüllmannDesigners Christian Haas and Sebastian Herkner looking at the Nebule Lamp by hettler.tüllmann 

It’s the magic that happens when a craftsperson puts hands — and head — to work. German designer Sebastian Herkner has always been fascinated by the techniques, materials and art of making things by hand. His work balances tradition and innovation, crafts and technology.

Anita Hansen and Sebastian HerknerSebastian Herkner introducing the exhibition

Sebastian Herkner was thus perfectly poised to introduce hvíla editions' official launch 'Tangible Beauties' which took place during Berlin Art Week in September 2021.

In a speech, he described how objects can appeal to our senses and how processes themselves cultivate beauty. For Herkner, knowing an object’s story — who produced it, how, and with what materials — is of the utmost importance. Knowing the story lets us establish an emotional and physical relationship to an object and its culture. 

Anita Hansen, founder of hvíla editions design galleryVisitors in front of the SHOWZ Berlin showroom in Torstraße 207, Berlin Mitte

hvíla editions’ selected objects invite us to pause and reflect on the narrative behind each design. We aim to show objects that are not only functional or decorative; not only products, but also works of art. These objects have souls and they tell stories. They become companions for life — perhaps for generations.

Thank you for the introduction and your support, my dear friend Sebastian!

Sebastian Herkner and Katja Hettler from hettler.tüllmannDesigners Sebastian Herkner and Katja Hettler of hettler.tüllmann

A sincere thank you also to everyone who celebrated this very special moment with me. I am very touched about the wonderful things that have happened in the past weeks, the many beautiful souls I encountered and what incredible  support I have received from a community of creatives — friends and also new acquaintances. 

Collage with images of happy people visiting the launch exhibition 'Tangible Beauties'Collage of images during the launch exhibition 'Tangible Beauties'

Big thanks to the six designers for their trust and confidence in this project and in me. 

Dan Yeffet Design Studio, France
nojin (Ngoc-Hien Nguyen), Germany
Aricò (Antonio Aricò), Italy
Steven Haulenbeek, USA
Rita in Palma (Ann-Kathrin Carstensen & the crochet queens), Germany
hettler.tüllmann (Jula Tüllmann and Katja Hettler), Germany/USA

Tangible Beauties exhibition view at SHOWZEntrance of the exhibition

Thank you Ayan Yuruk for providing me this beautiful space at SHOWZ Berlin and also to your team for coordinating everything so professionally!

Thank you Sandra Henze for staging all objects in such a beautiful setting as a whole.

Tangible Beauties exhibition opened its doorsHappy gathering at SHOWZ Berlin showroom

Thank you Katja Silbermann and Anne Harting from Favourized for spreading the news and for helping me put everything in a “digestible package“. And thanks to the media for visiting and featuring the exhibition!

Architect Jürgen Mayer and Anita Hansen, Founder of hvíla editions

Thanks to the community of ParentPreneurs who have accompanied my journey since the very beginning.

Thanks also to my longtime friend from Milan for capturing these special moments, Alessandro Ghirelli.

Shopping at Tangible Beauties launch exhibitionShopping at 'Tangible Beauties'

Visitors looking at Dan Yeffets table NOTCH, an artist proofVisitors looking at the NOTCH table by Dan Yeffet

Bruce Nicols trying on the kimono jacket by nojinHappy guests trying on the 'Cropmono' Kimono jacket by nojin

Hien from nojin and Sandra Henze trying on a kimono jacketHien (Ngoc-Hien Nguyen) from nojin and Sandra Henze

Tangible Beauties Exhibition view at SHOWZExhibition view from outside

Nebule Lamp by hettler.tüllmannNebule Lamp from hettler.tüllmann

Thank you for visiting. Hope to see you again soon at our next Pop-up exhibition!
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