Jutta Werner and her brand nomad
Jutta Werner from NOMAD, Hamburg, Germany
Portrait © Kristin Schnell

After studying architecture, at only 25 years of age, Jutta Werner founded her own business and since worked as an independent designer, interior consultant and curator for clients such as Dedon, Ligne Roset, JAB Anstoetz, Vorwerk and many more.

With her brand NOMAD, she believes in innovation, in pushing boundaries and redefining the image of re- and upcycling in the interior industry. Her goal is to create design products with a special feel, a unique look and a meaningful story. NOMAD proves that upcycling can be tasteful and desirable and most importantly, shape our daily lives and push global change forward.

NOMAD creates interior products that tell stories of forgotten wonders and bring a magical new energy into homes, boutique hotels, restaurants, offices and even galleries and other locations where people come together to enjoy and to create. NOMAD carpets create a new standard of design for conscious consumers and open a new perspective on the aesthetic of recycled materials which, no doubt, are the materials our future is made of.

With many years of experience Jutta Werner, Founder and creative director of NOMAD, is an ambassador of meaningful and long lasting design and interior design. Jutta traveled more than two decades around the world to shape international brands in different creative fields. In 2013, the award-winning (interior) designer started her travels to India, where today the production of the NOMAD rugs is located.

A coincidence led her to her first surprising carpet design Candy Wrapper Rug. Made out of Candy Wrapper and new wool, this rug builds the heart of the NOMAD collection. Since it’s launch in 2020, NOMAD has grown in the collection and family of customers and creatives … and the journey has only just begun!

The Nomad Candy Wrapper Rug and the Coco Rug were part of the IVORY pop-up exhibition during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2022. 

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Candy Wrapper Rug white sand
Coco Rug