'Tangible Beauties' Launch exhibition during Berlin Art Week 2021

This inaugural launch of hvíla editions design gallery is being held during Berlin Art Week from September 15-19, 2021. 

The exhibition 'Tangible Beauties' features a series of design pieces that have been born out of the unique endeavors of their makers. Six international designers and artists were invited to employ ancient techniques, envisioned with contemporary, artistic sensibility.

Each object on show is manifested through a hands-on approach, whereby the physical creative process itself—whether it be material exploration or experimentation of a traditional technique—determined the outcome. While each piece is distinctive in its form and materiality, collectively they revealed deep intuition and human emotions, as part of a timeless poetic narrative—a tangible beauty.

The participating designers are (from top left to right): 
Dan Yeffet Design Studio, France
nojin (Ngoc-Hien Nguyen), Germany

Aricò (Antonio Aricò), Italy
Steven Haulenbeek, USA
Rita in Palma (Ann-Kathrin Carstensen & the crochet queens), Germany
hettler.tüllmann (Jula Tüllmann and Katja Hettler), Germany/USA


'Nebule' Lamps series by hettler.tüllmann, Germany
Photo by Christina Raue

One of hettler.tüllmann’s more recent projects involved working with weaving cooperative Janocraft, in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. Multigenerational textile-making in the region brings community members together, transforming cotton into fabric that can be brought to market. The collaboration sees hettler.tüllmann and Janocraft combining traditional materials and techniques with unconventional ones to form unexpected objects. Whereby colorful recycled, telephone wires are woven with natural cotton to form the Nebule Lamps series—synthesizing contemporary and traditional cultures into a new vision of sustainability.


Kimono jackets by nojin, Germany
Photo by Jenny Woltz 

nojin consists of a season-less permanent collection of yet functional garments and accessories, designed to transcend gender norms and embrace bodies of all sizes. The brand also strives to keep its environmental footprint to a minimum by honoring growth by inspiration rather than adhering to conventional seasons, limiting production to small batches and putting all scrap material to use. And the quality of the craftsmanship and materials used in production mean these garments only improve the more they are worn.

NOTCH side table by Dan Yeffet Design Studio, France

This NOTCH side table (or stool) by Israeli-born, Paris-based designer Dan Yeffet is the very first piece in his limited edition NOTCH series. Derived from the simplicity of the classic wooden bolt and its characteristic ridges, the design takes a familiar object and dissects and reconstructs it, elevating its tangible attributes—material, form, scale, color—into something luxurious.

Each piece is produced using a traditional molding technique, resulting in a hefty bronze-cast table—a contemporary design piece that while expressing a heightened visual aesthetic, still reminds us of its humble origins.

Hand crocheted haute couture jewelry by


RITA IN PALMA's haute couture jewelry pieces appeal to all people who like to indulge in sensuality and celebrate beauty. The necklaces are made of filigree black nylon yarn - the result of hours of manual work and generations of experience in traditional handmade crochet. At the exhibition Tangible Beauties there will be a special edition necklace made for hvíla editions.

RBS vessel by Steven Haulenbeek, USA

The RBS Series Vessels are created using solid cast blocks of resin-bonded sand (RBS) which is typically a byproduct of the metal casting industry. The material is hand sculpted and selectively soaked with a coating of color resin that penetrates into the outer layer. Once cured, the object is excavated from the uncured sand block leaving the uniquely textured hardened shell.

The RBS Series utilizes multiple variations of the experimental process to create vessels, furniture, lighting and sculpture inspired by coral, cactus, rock formations and other natural forms.

Rocking Horse by Antonio Aricò, Italy

To see the rocking horse (or donkey) by Aricò, we have to be patient a little longer. Craftsmanship takes its time. Antonio works side by side with his grandfather, master carpenter Saverio Zamingain, in the family workshop in Calabria, South Italy. In anticipation to the actual piece of furniture, we show Antonio's drawing. His unique sketches illustrate, how the artist imagines the products with his 'child's eyes'.


The pop-up exhibition 'Tangible Beauties' takes place at SHOWZ brand experience agency in Torstraße 207, 10115 Berlin for only five days, from September 15-19, 2021.


SHOWZ is a brand experience agency that connects innovative technology, immersive experiential campaigns and high-end design into spaces that allow brands to present their products or services in a unique and emotional way. SHOWZ acts as an enabler for local creators and their communities through collaborations and an inclusive mindset, initiating an inspiring and appealing dialogue between brand, creator and consumer. 
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